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Candida Cleanse GO-TO-HOW-TO

There are quite a number of ways to do a cleanse. You can find cleanses for your kidney, gallbladder, liver and more. If you want to start your candida cleanse ,you should start with flushing your colon. Why? Well most of candida resides there. So flushing out this part is essential when fighting your candida overgrowth.

Adopting and designing an effective cleanse is by no means easy. For candida sufferers who experience more fatigue and low energy levels, this may be particularly difficult. This is why its recommended to eat small portions of greens throughout the cleanse. This may include salads and vegetables. You may go do a full colon cleanse and stick to liquid diet. You can follow this cleansing diet from couple of days up to two weeks.

Statistically about two thirds of women will develop yeast infection in one form or another during their lifetime. So keep in mind that yeast infection is not that unusual. So don’t think that you did something drastically wrong in your lifestyle.

Candida albicans species causes most of the infections is actually present in almost all humans. Its a pathogen which thrives and grows in a suitable environment. There are multiple criteria which help candida grow in your body, antibiotics mostly because they disrupt the whole bacterial ecosystem in your body. On this website you will learn everything I have found to help you understand this problem. What caused the infection in the first place to effective ways to keeping it at bay.

If by chance this isn’t the first time you have gotten yeast infection, then you most likely have some form of systemic candida infection in your body. Often yeast grows in the digestive system and makes its way to womens vagina.

Interesting fact: Some suffer from a systemic yeast infection to such a degree that it may induce drunkenness. Because one of the byproducts of yeast cultures is alcohol.

# If this is not the first time you suffer from yeast infection and tried different methods which deal only with the surface problems.

# If you want to address the root cause of the problem. Want to get the right directions and understand how to do candida cleanse efficiently then you are in the right place. This applies to both genders.


There are a lot of different variables you need to consider when going on a candida cleanse. One good way to deal with yeast infection is find a good manual on the subject. We fully endorse this informational resource, you can find out more about it by clicking below.


Vegetable diet for the candida cleanse

It is similar to candida diet but a bit more strict. You should restrict your menu to raw salads and steamed vegetables. It wont hurt you because you will be doing this only for the duration of the cleanse. You will adjust to the dietary change and will feel more healthy after the cleanse.

Just look at your everyday menu and you will comprehend why going on a cleanse can be a very good choice for your liver and organs in general. Refined foods have too many additives, beef growth hormones, fish can be filled with lead, mercury and other dangerous pollutants.

Remember, cheap vegetables can also have too many pesticides in them. So just because it is green does not mean its all healthy. You just need to go to your local ECO store to find the healthiest choice. If you cut out these dangerous elements from your diet, it will go a long way towards your candida cleanse. And your overall health also.

Food Menu Suggestions for a candida cleanse.

  • Emphasize raw and steamed vegetables
  • Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes, yams, corn, suash.

You can find a complete candida cleanse menu here.

If you are not completely sure on having only vegetable diet for a week, consider it as a medical necessity. You can make delicious foods and still stay true to your candida cleanse diet.

Liquid only diet for candida cleanse

I would recommend you start with a vegetable diet first and then move to a more stricter diet. When on a liquid only cleanse you will need more nutrition.

When following a liquid only cleanse, consider drinking up to 3 bowls vegetable broth every day. This is meant to replace depleted minerals.

Candida cleanse recipe: BROTH
  • 2 chopped onions
  • 1  handful of chopped kale or chard
  • 4 stalks of fresh grown chopped celery
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • Cayenne pepper, to taste

Put everything in 2 quarts (about 2 liters) of pure or distilled water. Bring to boil and simmer for 20 minutes, then strain the liquid and then discard the vegetables.

What should you drink during candida cleanse?

Drinking a lot of water during cleanse is essential. This will let your body expel toxins more efficiently. Moving to  keep your lymphatic system active will also be beneficial, especially during the morning. You can read more about it from Tony Robbins blog.

There are a lot of detox drinks which you can make yourself. Go buy a candida cleanse diet program recipe book. There it will describe in detail how to make drinks to support your liver, increase bowel movement and how it will help you expel candida during the cleanse

If you are SERIOUS about going on a candida cleanse then i would recommend going on a SERIOUS candida cleanse diet.

Candida cleanse recipe : Fiber shake
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 flat Table spoon of fiber supplement
  • 1 flat table spoon of liquid Bentonite Clay

This detox shake should be taken upon waking up on an empty stomach. You can drink it couple times a day, but on an empty stomach.

This fiber and betonite shake is designed to remove toxins from your gut. The fiber supplement will make your digestive system move faster and will scrape walls of your gut clean from toxins. Botonite absorbent clay will suck up toxins in your intestines and will transport it out of your body.

Fiber supplement options are Psyllium husk. Which is effective but may be hard on intestines if you are suffering from a leaky gut syndrome. One more alternative would be Acacia powder and pure fiber.

Betonite clay does not mix well with water, go buy one which comes in a liquid form. This will make it easier to drink. Bentonite clay will absorb toxins while fiber pushes out the waste from the colon.



There is another drink that you can use to support and protect your liver during your cleanse. Known as a liver flush, it is also popular among cleansers and combines olive oil, garlic and ginger. You can drink it once a day in the evenings, but it should be at least an hour after your last fiber/bentonite shake.

Candida cleanse recipe: Liver flush drinkcandidacleanseliver
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 table spoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Small chunk of fresh ginger

Blend all of the ingredients together and drink it. This drink is meant to support and protect your liver during the cleanse. Drink it once a day during the evening. Ideally at least an hour after bentonite shake.


What is the cause for toxic build up in the colon?

Modern lifestyle can be responsible for a lot of dietary problems. Processes foods, unhealthy habits like cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and overuse of prescription drugs all play a role. A lot of these factors contribute to a beneficial environment for candida to prosper.

Colon is meant to remove the waste from your body one all of the nutrients have been absorbed by the body. Most people do not understand that candida can be solidified in your colon. And if you do not eat

candida cleanse colon

The difference between healthy and Toxic colon

plenty of fiber then infection gets trapped there and releases toxins which pollute the entire body.

Waste matter may attach itself to the walls of the colon. It may be possible that there can be pounds of waste matter stuck to the walls of the colon which wont go away. This may be  why you sometimes may feel bloated.

Waste matter is a good environment for candida to prosper, this will release toxins and poison your entire body. Which in turn can be a catalyst for a number of other ills. So, this is why you need to clean your intestines. Its essential for a successful candida cleanse diet.


Colonic irrigation method

This may sound a uncomfortable, but often it can make your candida cleanse more efficient. It will loosen the hardened waste matter in your intestines, which in turn will remove candida yeast and its byproducts more quickly.

This method is useful for those who suffer from candida and experience constipation. If this does not apply to you then you might want to skip it. This method also removes candida yeast, as well as good bacteria from your gut. So, if you are unclear if it is something you need to do then I would just stick with the diet for now.

How to do colonic candida cleanse therapy

Usually colonic therapy lasts up to 45 minutes. The patient lies down and is given a massage in the lower stomach area. This will loosen the waste matter which colonic will expulge.  Then a sterile plastic tube will be inseted in the rectum and warm water pressed inside the colon. This can feel uncomfortable at first. Then the patient pushes out the water along with the fecal mater which was loosened. Cycle is repeated multiple times.

You should definitely look further into the method if you think it is something which would benefit you.


Candida cleanse safety protocol

Cleansing usually can be a very healthy thing for overall health. Liver, intestine and complete body detox is something every should consider at some point due to our current lifestyle. It can be stressful for the body. So it should not be recommended during illnesses or other periods when the body will be more sensitive to the stress.

Cleansing can make you feel more tired and increase fatigue quicker. So you should keep that in mind if you will be on a cleanse and having certain work responsibilities.

First before you proceed with a cleanse, determine if you have a yeast infection. You can take a quick at home yeast infection test.

If you are completely sure that you have a yeast infection and need to go on a candida cleanse. There are affordable home remedies to chose from. You most likely have all of these ingredients available at home.

If you feel unsure about the safety and necessity of the candida cleanse be sure to research further on the subject.


Candida cleanse methodology recap

Things to remember:

  • Design your cleanse so you will have everything planned out.
  • Buy fiber supplements.
  • Buy bentonite clay
  • Keep a strict menu of what you can eat during your cleanse
  • Chose which herbal supplements you will be taking
  • Buy molybdenum
  • Acquire milk thistle, this will help repair damaged liver cells.
  • Get Detox Drops, it will help remove toxins from your body.
  • Vitamin C, either through fruit or ascorbic acid.
  • Swedish bitters will help with digestion and regulate stomach acidity and support liver function.

Other considerations:

  • Other detox methods
  • Skin brushing. Skin is responsible for 15% of toxin elimination.
  • Sauna improves circulation and will help detox through the skin.
  • Contrast showers during the morning, this will make your lymph move faster.
  • Exercise to increase blood/lymph circulation.

Foods to eat:

  • Leafy greens
  • Herbs like oregano and basil
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Coconut
  • Avocado
  • Hemp, chia and flax
  • Sauerkraut and kimchi
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic and onion

Foods to avoid:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods
  • Peanuts
  • Dairy
  • All vinegar except apple cider vinegar
  • Added hormones which may be present in meats, dairy, eggs, fish, etc.
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Breads and pastas
  • Refined grains and pasta
Die off symptoms of a candida cleanse

At some point during your candida cleanse you will experience extreme fatigue. This can last up to four days, this is a sign of yeast cells dying. It is essential to maintain your course of action and get enough rest. Look into herbal and ginger teas to help with the cleanse.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy!